2 weeks out


I SO thought I would be up and about in 10 days. Man, was I WRONG about that. I was comparing my recovery to a c-section recovery. NOT the same thing at all. While the “cut” looks like a c-section, the nature of the surgery is so different. I had my 2 week post op appointment with my doctor yesterday and he said to expect 6 weeks to feel 100%.

It’s a great test in just allowing myself to rest- which usually isn’t a problem. But it has given me a huge appreciation for my normally healthy, strong body. I’m getting VERY specific when it comes time to sit down and choose what I’m grateful for today. SPECIFICITY. Thank you for my healing, thank you for my recovery, thank you for every strand of abdominal tissue that is putting itself back in place, thank you for my life, thank you for my friends who have come through and been here to lift my legs when getting in and out of bed. I mean seriously…my heart is full.

Here are pictures of my incision over the last week. Slow but sure healing happening over here. The dried up gel on my belly is Arnica gel.

Day 8

day 8.JPG

DAY 9 below:

Day 9.JPG

Day 10 below:

Day 10.JPG

Day 12 below:

day 12.JPG

Day 14 below:

Day 14.JPG

Love, Amy

2 weeks out