Day 7 after surgery


Wow I really love the frame that’s frozen on the screen for this video!

I finally realize that the type of incision that I have takes the longest to heal. I didn’t really investigate that until now. Friends who’ve had c-sections have been very informative and helpful but I realize now that there is a HUGE difference between a c-section and what I had. There is just way more going on internally for me, my hysterectomy, to have all of those cuts deep inside to detach the uterus from where it has been all of my life.  Whew. I am feeling so relieved.

Spring is here. In 5 minute spurts, I have gotten up to clear my closet a little; taking out all of the wire/paper hangers I’ve unintentionally collected from the dry cleaners. I’m giving away all the clothes I never wear but think I might some day. Done. It feels so good to open my closet and see only things that I love and know I will wear. I am so ready to get back to where I was 7 years ago, my former energy and enthusiasm, my anything-is-possible self. I feel the lightness coming back.

I have been holding this vision since January, when my doc and I decided that this was the best option. I have been excited by the idea of being rid of the heaviness, the pain and the drained energy. I have been imagining emerging in Springtime as my renewed self, eating fresh berries and going on a hike. I am so delighted that its all coming. I’m basking in it already and having gratitude and reverence, however slowly it’s coming to fruition.

Love, Amy

Day 7 healing slowly but surely.

day 7.jpg

Day 7 after surgery

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